About Us

Origin of the name, and our development philosophy

Fugu is the Japanese word for "pufferfish".  You may know the pufferfish as the animal that expands to expose sharp spines that defend it.  You've probably also heard that the pufferfish contains within it's body a deadly toxin.   What you might not know is that, in Japan, some people also eat it.

The Fugu shares its name with a meal prepared from the meat of a pufferfish. However, because of its deadly toxins, the pufferfish can only be prepared by sushi masters, many of whom have practiced and prepared the dish over many years before being licensed to serve the delicacy.

To the founders of Fugu, this dish is a perfect representation of our principles of leadership: It is not something you excel at from day one, it takes years to master, and if not developed correctly, it can have toxic effects.

Much like good fugu, good leadership requires mastery.