Strong leadership is critical in every industry. So why specialize?

Pharma-Industry Specialists

Leadership is complex, but leadership is also contextual. We specialize in one industry, Pharma, because we believe that context-expertise is the key ingredient to accelerating leadership development.  

New Industry Challenges Require New Leadership Capabilities

Our customers are facing and meeting the challenges of a changing industry.  We work together to ensure their leaders can sense-make what this means for them, and how they need to evolve to meet those challenges head-on. 

Take a look at the challenges we face together with our customers

Clinical Development Under Pressure

The environment surrounding clinical development has evolved rapidly over the past decades. Increased regulatory scrutiny, cost pressures, and competition have been matched with increased operational complexity and internal governance structures. Clinical Development organizations, wishing to meet the future demands of the patient and accelerate development timelines, are embracing Pharma 3.0 operating models.

These are leading to 3 key shifts in how Clinical Development Leaders operate:

  • Increased emphasis on empowered decision-making over governance
  • Creation of fit-for-purpose, cross-functional teams
  • Embracing iterative progress over perfection

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Successfully scaling digital health startups is tricky business

There are hundreds of startups with a digital health focus, from wellbeing tools to fully fledged medical devices.  

The healthcare industry presents founders with challenges that don’t exist in other industries.  Hence, many founders struggle to adapt to the new context, torn between wanting to bring disruption and having to accept the pre-defined rules of the game.

It takes time, a strong value proposition, and real results for startups to gain the the trust of different players and to build the credibility needed to succeed in the long haul. 

Leaders, especially Founders, need key skills to make their business a sustainable success:

  • Communicating a Compelling Vision and Purpose
  • Managing Stakeholder and Regulatory Complexity
  • Building Critical Partnerships within the Industry
  • Inspiring and Attracting Great Talent

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