Assessment. Awareness. Development.

An overview of our leadership and talent solutions


Ensure the right leaders are in place when filling key roles.


Gain deep insight into the readiness and development needs of your top talent.


Develop skills and mindsets through an experiential process that is immediately applicable to the daily work of leaders.


Selecting Your Leaders

The Assessment Center uses the actual challenges of the role as exercises to assess mid to senior-level candidates individually.

Realistic job preview
Candidates prepare and experience a series of individual exercises that enables them to think about their strategy for the position and approach to key challenges facing the role, acting as a realistic job preview.

Assessment; with a development focus
All candidates receive individual feedback, a development report, and coaching following the program to ensure they take the most out of their experience.

Accelerated onboarding
Selected candidates are accelerated into their onboarding because they have already learned about, practiced, and gotten feedback on the role-specific challenges and demands.

"I attended an executive assessment center from Fugu and the overall preparation before, during, and after was really professionally done: documentation for advance preparation, general instructions, and the organization during the event were all managed to facilitate the different sessions and to make feel the candidates more comfortable."
Candidate at an Executive Assessment Center
Executive in Supply Chain

Understanding Your Talent

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Individual awareness building

Employee onboarding is a critical period for the success of leaders stepping into new roles.  Leaders may not fully understand the new role’s demands and what they need to do to be successful, and managers may have blind spots regarding the the strengths and development needs of their employee.

Conducted as part of onboarding, a Springboard allows leaders and their managers to understand strengths and development needs within the context of a new role. 

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Group Awareness Building Through Simulations

The LDC enables leaders to apply their skills in a wide variety of leadership contexts using actual business challenges as the basis for their experiences.  Using senior leaders as mentors, LDC participants can gain deep insights into their current capabilities and priorities for further development. 

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"I find these LDC programmes deeply impactful for participants as they are able to receive meaningful, thoughtful and almost immediate feedback on their approach to difficult work-based targeted scenarios."
Observer at multiple LDCs
Senior Leader in Clinical Development



Bringing Your Talent to the Next Level

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Focus on impact rather than on billed hours

Coaching should be more than just a nice conversation – it must create tangible development.  Mastery Coaching focuses on creating a tangible outcome within a specific duration (e.g. 4 months). Within that timeframe, the coach is available on demand – flexible to the coachee’s schedule when support is needed the most.  Sessions focus on applying new behaviors in timely, real situations.

Examples of on-demand Mastery coaching sessions:

  • Schedule a rehearsal call right before a stakeholder meeting
  • Practice a part of an important presentation the day before

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Complex skills require focus and attention to develop

Many leaders struggle with leadership development because they lack clear awareness of what is working, time to reflect after critical learning experiences, and support to know how to change ineffective behaviors.

The Accelerator Day combines all 3 elements to accelerate leadership development and leave leaders with a sense of confidence and a clear path to developing further on the job

Key Principles of the Accelerator Day

  • Real leadership interactions form the foundation of the practice sessions, no fictional case studies
  • Peers and facilitators act as observers and feedback givers to ensure immediate learning takes place
  • Start/stop/try again methodology ensures measurable progress is obtained and leaders leave with a clear sense of how to improve

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The biggest challenge leaders face during times of transformation is understanding how to apply new skills and meet new expectations in their everyday life.

To evolve quickly and maintain the confidence of leaders, they need…

  • A needs-driven approach to learning, customized to their actual challenges and questions
  • An iterative approach that allows for leaders to see real momentum and growth in their capabilities
  • A community of leaders, within which the leaders can ask for advice and support, and see other examples of success

The evolutions program combines these by allowing leaders to decide on the topics that they want to experiment with further, provides space for actual reflection and growth in a safe space, and gives support and mentorship in personalizing learning.

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"The most insight part of the program for me was seeing how much we all assume and the recognition by all of the team on what can be improved and how we can improve future meetings. Everyone was engaged, which sows thought and recognition that we need to improve."
Participant at an Accelerator Day
Matrixed Leader in Clinical Development