Experimentation. Iteration. Evolution.

In a continuously changing environment,
leaders need to build new capabilities faster than ever before.

Fugu specializes in experience-based services that follow a simple but powerful flow of:

Create challenging experiences

Provide room to experiment

Evolve skills; challenge mindsets

Support when necessary

Acknowledge breakthroughs

On this journey, we recognize that leaders are complex and emotional beings. Our approaches go beyond trying new tools and roles, to support leaders holistically – by deepening their understanding of themselves, building their confidence, and using their personal development to live more meaningful, value-aligned and passionate work lives.

What We Offer


Ensure the right leaders are in place when filling key roles.  In an agile world, selection requires an increasing focus on potential over readiness, learning agility, and a growth mindset.


Gain deep insight into the readiness and
development needs of your top talent. In a rapidly evolving context, dedicated time can help you understand whether your talent pipeline is ready for the future. 


Develop skills and mindsets through an experiential process that is immediately applicable to the daily work of leaders. Current leaders can struggle to understand what the changing leadership landscape means to them.