What is Leadership Mastery?

Traditional leadership development programs help individuals become good leaders.  They use limited customization and a blend of teaching and experiential learning to ensure that your leaders are competent in a range of situations.  However, many a motivated leader will find themselves lacking in real leadership depth.  They will struggle to perform beyond good in a variety of complex situations, and become frustrated.

In contrast, leadership mastery focuses on going beyond traditional development to create true depth of learning and experience; to go beyond good and become great leaders.  For those motivated to master leadership, a customized and fully-tailored journey awaits for them.  

Our Mastery Principles

Mastery = Awareness x Experience x Support

Mastery occurs when leaders seek AWARENESS of their current capabilities and development goals, leverage every opportunity to build EXPERIENCE through practice and feedback, are SUPPORTED by an organization and with resources that seamlessly blend into their daily environment

Mastery requires motivation and sustained attention. Mastery is a journey, not an event.

The mastery journey is only effective when it is centered around the needs of the leader.  Fugu's Mastery Accelerator Program (MAP) is our learner-centered approach to enabling true mastery of leadership.

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