Our capabilities

Our Capabilities

At Fugu, we leverage our Mastery Principles to craft valuable development opportunities for your motivated, select group of leaders. 

All of our solutions include the following core elements at their heart:

Some of our services

Foundational programs

A blend of theory and practice for leaders new to a set of leadership skills. Foundational programs create a starting point for leaders to apply new behaviors in their daily work

Accelerator days

Half-day to one-day group sessions focused on practicing specific skills. Accelerator days provide the full range of mastery development (awareness, experience, and support), while their length and narrow focus ensure relevance and practicality for those who attend

Development Centers

A multi-day event that emphasizes the mastery principle of awareness-building.  A development center tests leader's skills in a variety of situations and, through feedback, provides insights on their strengths and areas of development across a range of competencies.  

Pulse Surveys

A focused measurement of a participants progress specifically on their top 1-2 development goals. In comparison to a standard 360, pulse surveys are provided to a smaller group of people and are measured more frequently to ensure timeliness and relevance to the participant during their development journey

Individual simulations

A virtual role-play to test a specific need of a leader. Individual simulations are great for refreshing skills right before a critical event or to retry a difficult situation to measure progress. Because of their individual, virtual nature, these are easier to coordinate than accelerator days and ensure continued learning momentum is maintained

Peer coaching

A core element of Mastery is peer coaching and support. Leaders can be paired with colleagues on the same learning journey to help them reflect and overcome roadblocks to development. Guidelines and templates will help them challenge one another and find solutions to difficult situations.

Mastery Coaching

A professional Fugu coach that guides the process and supports leaders in understanding which next step will make the most sense for their development. When needed, the mastery coach can also conduct one on one coaching to support a leader in overcoming a particularly difficult roadblock.